Associate Members - Suppliers of Products and Services

HNSA Associate Members are organizations whose objectives are compatible with the objectives of the Historic Naval Ships Association. Examples are historic ships not yet open to the public, firms who supply goods and services to Fleet Members, for-profit tourist attractions such as ship excursion lines, and non-profit organizations working to obtain historic naval ships for siting and display as museum vessels.

HNSA encourages its Fleet Members to give preference to the products and services offered by its Associate Member vendors and suppliers. It also advises Fleet Members to make their own decisions regarding the purchase, employment or other use of the products and services offered by its Associate Members. HNSA incurs no liability and assumes no responsibility for problems that may occur prior to, during or after an Associate Member has supplied a product or performed a service in support of a Fleet Member.

If you are interested in becoming an associate member, contact Dr. William Cogar at


ACME Technologies
Alex Kryska, General Manager, Maritime Services
500 Sansome St.
Suite 615
San Francisco, CA 94111
(844) 671-0500;

ACME Technologies is a cloud-based managed service providing a modern and highly-configurable solution for visitation management (tickets, memberships, resource assignments, advanced reporting, etc.). Our platform offers comprehensive customer engagement through front desk, web, mobile, group sales, reseller, call center, membership, education, and retail sales channels.

ACME is the only omni-channel visitation platform that offers a 360° view of your constituents via a fully-managed SaaS offering. Institutions include: Museums, Zoos, Aquariums, Gardens, Historic Sites, Passenger Vessels, Wineries, Corporate Tours, Amusement Parks, and Ski Resorts.

Through ACME’s White Glove Service, all training, support, hardware, upgrades and payment processing & compliance are included.

ACME is led by Silicon Valley technologists and cultural institution veterans with significant SaaS architecture and visitation management experience.  Our team comes from technology innovators like Apple, Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Intuit, Paypal, Stubhub and Ticketmaster, as well as leading cultural institutions such as Exploratorium in San Francisco and The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

1550 Cobb Industrial Drive
Marietta, GA 30066-6611
(770) 425-1355, ext. 3010
Fax (770) 425-1354
William Mueller

A full-service corrosion control corporation providing state-of-the-art materials, engineering and installation services. The firm installs and services cathodic protection systems on permanently berthed museum ships.

Allied Corrosion Industries, Inc., is a full service corrosion control corporation providing state-of-the-art engineering, installation, and materials to industry since 1980.

As one of the leading full-service corrosion control corporations, we take pride in providing unsurpassed engineering and installation services, along with the highest quality corrosion control materials and test equipment available to industry, today.

Our business philosophy is to provide our customers with the highest quality of service and data integrity, while meeting their requirements and expectations.

American Patch - Emblem logo

125 Strafford Avenue, Suite 125
Strafford Bldg. #3
Wayne, PA 19087-3335
Fax (610) 688-5250
Pamela Sarracino

American Patch & Emblem manufactures and imports fine quality custom embroidered insignia patches and emblems for clubs, teams, government agencies, military, law enforcement, uniform suppliers and business enterprises. Their products are manufactured in virtually any shape and size to the customers’ exact design and color specifications.

At American Patch, our motto is “Any patch for any purpose.” We create custom patches for any occasion and for an array of clientele including Fortune 500 companies, government organizations, charities, civic organizations, and individuals. No matter what your patch is for, we’ll help you create it.

1508 Atkinson Drive
Lufkin, TX 75901
936-635-1690 (office)
936-288-1690 (cell)
Percy Richardson

Our Mission: To help further the historical education of our naval military accomplishments, and might through both World Wars, and into today’s Navy.

Our Goal: To use the cutlery collector platform to help raise funds for naval museums, and their local Wounded Warrior Projects. We are making knives using steel forged from various Historical Naval ships. The Battleship Texas is the Flagship of the series. We will be doing knives out of steel from Battleships, Aircraft Carriers, and Submarines. There will be (5) from each series.

There are handmade knives made of Damascus forged from the ships steel. There will also be a production pocket knife made from the same Damascus from the ships steel, with different types of handle material. Some ships may include pieces of decking with knife display.

This is a great opportunity to have something made from these Historical Ships you can pass down to future generations. We are proud to pioneer this project to help fund the maintenance of these historic ships, and to help raise money for local Wounded Warrior Projects.

Anode Solutions
5797 CR 126.
Suite A
Celina, TX 75009
Lance Thomas
(214) 675-7222 or FAX (972) 382-8399

Anode Solutions is a North Texas based company that specializes in Cathodic Protection Services and Supplies. We are a full service cathodic protection company. We offer design, installation and maintenance services on many types of cathodic systems both sacrificial and impressed current CP systems. We provide protection that will extend the life of such structures for 20 to 30 years.

Water Pipelines, Oil and Gas Pipelines, Underground Propane Tanks, Underground Storage Tanks, Irrigation Structures, Drainage Systems, Water Storage Tanks, Marine Structures – Metal Boat Docks, Metal Retaining Walls or Sea Walls, Marinas, Ship Museums.

Artificial Reefs International
2627 Staples Ave., Suite B
Key West, FL 33040
Tel: 305-797-7707
Joe Weatherby

ARI creates artificial reefs for economic development and enhancements, adhering to strict regulations.  Our work calls attention to the benefits of artificial reefs through artwork, sporting activities, and much more by creating a product with benefits for each individual client.

The ARI team evaluates and determines a unique solution for our clients’ particular environmental (underwater typography, weather conditions, infrastructure, etc.) and financial challenges.  ARI has continually demonstrated successful fundraising capabilities for more than two decades, which is unlike any other operation we have seen in our experienceARI looks at well-established artificial reef processes dating back thousands of years, and looks at it with a new perspective for:

  • Maximizing environmental benefits
  • Boosting economic impact with the use of technologyImplementing advanced marketing techniques not used by anyone else
  • ARI is at the pinnacle of 30 years experience in artificial reefs, diving, fishing, commercial fishing, industry leadership, policy-making and educational process.

Artificial Reefs International (ARI) includes cross-functional teams of industry leaders and subject matter experts across the globe, bringing more than 25 years of experience in highly competitive, market-driven industries such as artificial reefing, scuba diving, water sports, fisheries, and sailing. The ARI team has deep understanding in the areas of international media & public relations, large-scale fundraising, project concept & design, public speaking, operations management, and risk management.

Many years of success in fund raising, marketing / public relations, and  artificial reefing has equipped ARI with the skills necessary to evaluate and determine a unique solution for their clients’ particular environmental (underwater typography, weather conditions, infrastructure, etc.) and financial challenges.

ARI has, and continues, to successfully deliver high impact across communities by raising funds to support the project, while applying strong marketing concepts and project / resource management skills.

The ARI team demonstrates abilities to utilize technology, analytical data, media relationships, and real life experience to build successful economic development and award-winning projects.


175 Adams St. 3C
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 403-0460, mobile (917) 673-7546
Charles C. Deroko, President

Charles Deroko is a marine surveyor who does hull inspections and interior ship inspections. He has performed work with USS Olympia, USS IntrepidLilac, USS Becuna, USS Requin, and USS Cassin Young. He does structural surveys for commercial and small craft, including Condition and Value surveys, damage, and trip and tow surveys. He writes bid specifications for shipyard work and oversees contract agreements as the owners’ representative. He is also involved with all phases of survey and restoration for museum and historic vessels, including planning, research, design, construction, and project management. He also consults on State and Federal grant proposals, providing technical and historical data and draft budgets based on accurate cost and materials estimates.

545 Concord Avenue, Suite 210
Cambridge, MA 02138-1125
(617) 547-0100
FAX (617) 547-0102
Robert E. Brais, Vice Pres.

This consulting firm performs economic impact surveys and feasibility studies for prospective ship museums. They have performed a number of studies for HNSA member museums.

ConsultEcon, Inc. was founded in 1991 as The Office of Thomas J. Martin.  Mr. Martin founded the firm after over 20 years of experience in economic, planning and management consulting.  Soon after the firm was started he was joined by Mr. Robert Brais.  The firm name was changed to ConsultEcon, Inc. effective January 1, 2001 in recognition of our expanded operations and the new millennium.

Since the firm’s founding we have completed projects for a wide range of private, non-profit and governmental clients.  We have helped clients develop and refine plans and project concepts so that they can be successfully and profitably implemented.  We have worked with clients through project concept development to project implementation.

The operating philosophy of the firm has remained consistent since its beginning.  We strive to provide the most objective, achievable and useful results for our clients worldwide.  We are committed to bringing the most reliable information, research and judgment to bear on each assignment.  Our staff members are active in many professional organizations and we support research on topics of interest to our clients.  Our services are custom designed to meet each client’s unique needs whether in determining concept definition and refinement, establishing market proof of plans and concepts, determining financial viability, supporting project funding or creating sustainable operating strategies.  We work individually with clients or as part of multi-disciplinary teams providing a wide range of business and economic development services.

CRB Geological & Environmental Services

Miami Corporate Office
8744 SW 133rd Street
Miami, Florida 33176
Tel: (305) 447-9777; Fax: (305) 567-2853
Fred Baddour


CRB Geological & Environmental Services:

  • Site Assessment
  • Remediation
  • EH&S Compliance
  • Air Quality
  • Aquifer Analysis
  • Asbestos
  • Mold
  • Permits
  • Expert Witness

ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTING: CRB responds to today’s environmental issues with a staff of professional experts and experienced technicians.

Experience: Since 1992, CRB has completed thousands of environmental investigations, remediation projects, and assessments for investors, operators, industrial facilities and government agencies.

Client Attention: Advocating for our clients means developing cost-effective strategies that we know will succeed. CRB is a leader in applying innovative technologies to complex projects while maintaining a responsive management system.

Responsive: Our team is built around the resources and commitment to deliver environmental solutions whenever and wherever our clients demand results.