America’s Fighting Ships Knives

1508 Atkinson Drive
Lufkin, TX 75901
936-635-1690 (office)
936-288-1690 (cell)
Percy Richardson

Our Mission: To help further the historical education of our naval military accomplishments, and might through both World Wars, and into today’s Navy.

Our Goal: To use the cutlery collector platform to help raise funds for naval museums, and their local Wounded Warrior Projects. We are making knives using steel forged from various Historical Naval ships. The Battleship Texas is the Flagship of the series. We will be doing knives out of steel from Battleships, Aircraft Carriers, and Submarines. There will be (5) from each series.

There are handmade knives made of Damascus forged from the ships steel. There will also be a production pocket knife made from the same Damascus from the ships steel, with different types of handle material. Some ships may include pieces of decking with knife display.

This is a great opportunity to have something made from these Historical Ships you can pass down to future generations. We are proud to pioneer this project to help fund the maintenance of these historic ships, and to help raise money for local Wounded Warrior Projects.

Our mission is to help further the historical education of our naval accomplishments and might through both world wars and into todays Navy.  We make knives forged of steel from these ships and use old decking for the handle material. We want to help raise funds for your museum at no cost to you other than the old steel and wood you have.


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