Artificial Reefs International

Artificial Reefs International
2627 Staples Ave., Suite B
Key West, FL 33040
Tel: 305-797-7707
Joe Weatherby

ARI creates artificial reefs for economic development and enhancements, adhering to strict regulations.  Our work calls attention to the benefits of artificial reefs through artwork, sporting activities, and much more by creating a product with benefits for each individual client.

The ARI team evaluates and determines a unique solution for our clients’ particular environmental (underwater typography, weather conditions, infrastructure, etc.) and financial challenges.  ARI has continually demonstrated successful fundraising capabilities for more than two decades, which is unlike any other operation we have seen in our experienceARI looks at well-established artificial reef processes dating back thousands of years, and looks at it with a new perspective for:

  • Maximizing environmental benefits
  • Boosting economic impact with the use of technologyImplementing advanced marketing techniques not used by anyone else
  • ARI is at the pinnacle of 30 years experience in artificial reefs, diving, fishing, commercial fishing, industry leadership, policy-making and educational process.

Artificial Reefs International (ARI) includes cross-functional teams of industry leaders and subject matter experts across the globe, bringing more than 25 years of experience in highly competitive, market-driven industries such as artificial reefing, scuba diving, water sports, fisheries, and sailing. The ARI team has deep understanding in the areas of international media & public relations, large-scale fundraising, project concept & design, public speaking, operations management, and risk management.

Many years of success in fund raising, marketing / public relations, and  artificial reefing has equipped ARI with the skills necessary to evaluate and determine a unique solution for their clients’ particular environmental (underwater typography, weather conditions, infrastructure, etc.) and financial challenges.

ARI has, and continues, to successfully deliver high impact across communities by raising funds to support the project, while applying strong marketing concepts and project / resource management skills.

The ARI team demonstrates abilities to utilize technology, analytical data, media relationships, and real life experience to build successful economic development and award-winning projects.

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