Cannon Museum Group

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Jeffrey C. Cannon, President
Cannon Museum Group
9826 Pushcart Way, Columbia, MD 21045

Cannon Museum Group offers deep knowledge and experience in Communications Plans, Strategic Planning, Risk Assessment and Management Planning, Architectural Planning, Architect Selection and Advising, Project Management, Master Planning, Economic Advising, Collections Planning, Mission and Vision Development, Board Development, Staff Development, Space Programming, and Capital Project Planning and Development. Clients have included: USS New Jersey, USS Wisconsin (Nauticus), USS Iowa (through the Port of Los Angeles), USS Texas, USS Parche, INS Vikrant, and prior to their demise, USS Forrestal, USS Ranger, USS Saratoga, USS Yorktown (through Patriots Point), and USS Conolly. Many of these involved NAVSEA. Additional military heritage projects have included services for the National Museum of the Marine Corps, National Museum of the United States Army, National Museum of the United States Air Force, and the Smithsonian.

Cannon Museum Group evolved from one of its co-founders, Jeffrey Cannon, and his 25 year career in museum development, management, planning, design and architecture. Jeff’s history includes being a partner in two firms and vice president of one of the largest consulting companies in the world. The broad background also includes being a board member for two museums and completing an undergraduate degree in Political Science and two graduate degrees in Museum Studies and Architecture.

Cannon Museum Group LLC, is a woman-owned small business focused on process and outcome. Our clients are either long time acquaintances or new friends seeking long-term relationships built on trust and integrity. It helps that our knowledge and experience has unusual depth. The firm was established as two partners, Jeffrey Cannon and Dr. Sharon Cannon, who earned her PhD in Psychology. The two focus on human interactions with environments, the influence of culture, and sustainable economics. They are hands-on professionals who do all their own and original work.

The company offers a broad suite of services for museums and cultural institutions from transition management to comprehensive development and master plans. We only work with 2-4 clients at any given time depending on scope. Our personal 100% commitment to each client is unique to the industry. We place a high value on open, reciprocal communication, with extensive previous working relationships and project partnerships with client teams.

Services include, though are not limited to:
Collection Assessment
Market Assessment
Evaluate Institutional Context
Assess Site and Building Opportunities
Mission and Vision Development and Concept Report

Visitor Experience:
Public Programs

Governance and Board Development
Staffing Requirements
Marketing and Revenue Generation Schemes

Space List/Program
Systems and Standards
Site Selection

Business Planning:
Attendance Projections
Operating Revenue and Expense Projections
Capital Costs

Project Setup:
Master Plans
Physical Planning
Economic Sustainability
Finance Planning
Economic Advising

Project Advising
Project Management
Architect Selection

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