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Insurance Solutions for Historic Naval Ships

Gowrie Group’s marine insurance experts develop customized solutions to meet the specific and unique insurance needs of historic naval ships. From battleships and destroyers to maritime museums, Gowrie’s experts tailor insurance solutions to help protect a wide variety of ships.

Gowrie Group is one of the largest independent marine insurance agencies in the U.S.  Gowrie Group also has strong international capabilities.

* Hull and Machinery Protection
* Protection &Indemnity
* Docks and Wharfs
* General Liability & Marine Liability
* Property
* Fine Arts & Museum Collections
* State Workers Compensation
* Maritime Employers Liability
* Longshore & Harbor Worker’s Act
* Umbrella / Bumbershoot
* Directors & Officers
* Employment Practices Liability
* Crime
* Pollution Liability
* International
* Special Events
* Group Health & Benefits
* Crew Medical Insurance

* Safety Hazards & Loss Prevention
* Claims Services

* Historic Naval Ships
* Battleships
* Destroyers
* Aircraft Carriers
* Cruisers
* Liberty Ships
* Merchant Cargo Ships
* Submarines
* Maritime Museums
* Other Vessel Classes

Learn More & Request an Insurance Quote:
Totch Hartge at Gowrie Group:
totchh@gowrie.com or historicships@gowrie.com
443.786.8861 or 800.262.8911
Learn more at: www.gowrie.com/historicships

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