Associate Members

HNSA Associate Members are organizations whose objectives are compatible with the objectives of the Historic Naval Ships Association. Examples are historic ships not yet open to the public, firms who supply goods and services to Fleet Members, for-profit tourist attractions such as ship excursion lines, and non-profit organizations working to obtain historic naval ships for siting and display as museum vessels.

HNSA encourages its Fleet Members to give preference to the products and services offered by its Associate Member vendors and suppliers. It also advises Fleet Members to make their own decisions regarding the purchase, employment or other use of the products and services offered by its Associate Members. HNSA incurs no liability and assumes no responsibility for problems that may occur prior to, during or after an Associate Member has supplied a product or performed a service in support of a Fleet Member.

If you are interested in becoming an associate member, contact Dr. William Cogar at


175 Adams St. 3C
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 403-0460, mobile (917) 673-7546
Charles C. Deroko, President

Charles Deroko is a marine surveyor who does hull inspections and interior ship inspections. He has performed work with USS Olympia, USS IntrepidLilac, USS Becuna, USS Requin, and USS Cassin Young. He does structural surveys for commercial and small craft, including Condition and Value surveys, damage, and trip and tow surveys. He writes bid specifications for shipyard work and oversees contract agreements as the owners’ representative. He is also involved with all phases of survey and restoration for museum and historic vessels, including planning, research, design, construction, and project management. He also consults on State and Federal grant proposals, providing technical and historical data and draft budgets based on accurate cost and materials estimates.

1400 East Ludlow Ridge Road
Port Ludlow, WA 98365-9247
(360) 437-0125
Dan L. Withers, Chairman

This organization is working to establish a collection of WWII and Vietnam era patrol craft. Their objective is to preserve the history of the offshore and riverine small boats that operated during the last 60 years.

The purpose of Warboats of America web site is to: present an overview of military combat watercraft and their roles in wartime; help create greater public awareness of these boats and their histories; honor the valiant service of the crews who served aboard them; and promote the efforts of the veterans, historic boat restoration and other worthy groups and individuals.

It is dedicated especially to those crew members who gave their own lives for their country and its citizens, and their belief in freedom and democratic principles.

545 Concord Avenue, Suite 210
Cambridge, MA 02138-1125
(617) 547-0100
FAX (617) 547-0102
Robert E. Brais, Vice Pres.

This consulting firm performs economic impact surveys and feasibility studies for prospective ship museums. They have performed a number of studies for HNSA member museums.

ConsultEcon, Inc. was founded in 1991 as The Office of Thomas J. Martin.  Mr. Martin founded the firm after over 20 years of experience in economic, planning and management consulting.  Soon after the firm was started he was joined by Mr. Robert Brais.  The firm name was changed to ConsultEcon, Inc. effective January 1, 2001 in recognition of our expanded operations and the new millennium.

Since the firm’s founding we have completed projects for a wide range of private, non-profit and governmental clients.  We have helped clients develop and refine plans and project concepts so that they can be successfully and profitably implemented.  We have worked with clients through project concept development to project implementation.

The operating philosophy of the firm has remained consistent since its beginning.  We strive to provide the most objective, achievable and useful results for our clients worldwide.  We are committed to bringing the most reliable information, research and judgment to bear on each assignment.  Our staff members are active in many professional organizations and we support research on topics of interest to our clients.  Our services are custom designed to meet each client’s unique needs whether in determining concept definition and refinement, establishing market proof of plans and concepts, determining financial viability, supporting project funding or creating sustainable operating strategies.  We work individually with clients or as part of multi-disciplinary teams providing a wide range of business and economic development services.


c/o Treasurer, Paul Fontenoy, North Carolina Maritime Museum
Curator of Maritime Research & Technology
North Carolina Maritime Museum System
North Carolina State History Museums
North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources
(252) 728-7317 x 23

The Council of American Maritime Museums (CAMM) was founded in 1974 to bring together institutions working toward the preservation and interpretation of North America’s maritime heritage. We foster friendship and cooperation among member institutions. This friendship promotes research, exhibition, publication and mutual assistance among practitioners within the maritime heritage field.

A subgroup of the American Alliance of Museums (AAM), CAMM acts as an authoritative voice on policy matters which impact on the preservation of maritime history. We promote appropriate legislation that supports maritime preservation and high ethical standards.


Council of American Military past

P. O. Box 4209
Charlottesville, VA 22905
(703) 912-6124
Fax: (703) 912-5666
Marylou Gjernes, President

This is a 1,200 member educational association with the dual objective of military history and historic preservation.

The Council on America’s Military Past, USA, Inc. (CAMP) is one of the leading national military history organizations dedicated to preserving, interpreting and sharing our military heritage.

Our purpose is to identify, memorialize, preserve and publicize America’s military history including the structures and facilities used by our soldiers, the living conditions, customs and traditions of our men and women in uniform, and the progress and purpose of United States military organizations.

We search out and study all phases of our country’s military past, from the stockade forts of early New England to the adobe presidios of the southwest, and from the temporary camps and battlefields of our colonial militia to the sophisticated coastal fortifications of the twentieth century.  Our interest and projects included study and preservation of military posts, ships, aircraft and missile systems as well as the role of the military in the founding and protection of the nation, from the first European explorers to the Cold War conflicts and our modern military establishment.  In addition, we also publish records of military personnel, sites and events that are, or have been significant to the defense of the United States as well as disseminate information pertaining to military history preservation activities.

CRB Geological & Environmental Services

Miami Corporate Office
8744 SW 133rd Street
Miami, Florida 33176
Tel: (305) 447-9777; Fax: (305) 567-2853
Fred Baddour


CRB Geological & Environmental Services:

  • Site Assessment
  • Remediation
  • EH&S Compliance
  • Air Quality
  • Aquifer Analysis
  • Asbestos
  • Mold
  • Permits
  • Expert Witness

ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTING: CRB responds to today’s environmental issues with a staff of professional experts and experienced technicians.

Experience: Since 1992, CRB has completed thousands of environmental investigations, remediation projects, and assessments for investors, operators, industrial facilities and government agencies.

Client Attention: Advocating for our clients means developing cost-effective strategies that we know will succeed. CRB is a leader in applying innovative technologies to complex projects while maintaining a responsive management system.

Responsive: Our team is built around the resources and commitment to deliver environmental solutions whenever and wherever our clients demand results.

The  Dekaury, a 260-ton harbor tug built at Jacksonville, Florida, was placed in service in early 1943. Initially assigned to the 1st Naval District, New England, she was reclassified YTB-178 in May 1944. In 1946, she was transferred to the 12th Naval District, San Francisco Bay. Laid up in 1947-50, Dekaury was returned to service at Mare Island Naval Shipyard in September 1950 and remained active into the 1980s. Reclassified YTM-178 in the 1960s, she was stricken from the Naval Vessel Register in September 1985.

After her time in the Navy she became the fire boat for the port of Stockton, CA. Recently returned to San Francisco Bay.

Mr. James L. Adams, President

Empower Your Image logo

3164 E. La Palma Ave., Unit H
Anaheim, CA 92806
Phone: 877-207-8929; 714-630-4521
Fax: 714-630-4524
Robert D. Board

Empower Your Image oversees the printing, production, and distribution of the Historic Naval Ships Association newsletter “Anchor Watch,” along with promotional products, corporate gifts, apparel, ship store and custom items, and special events.

The company has been in the advertising specialty business since 1971. Our staff has over 80 years of combined experience in the promotional products field as well as the related support fields. From conception to delivery, we are dedicated to making your unique promotional advertising endeavor a success.

ECSAA_LOGOsmall [Converted]

Escort Carrier Sailors & Airmen Association, Inc.
1215 No. Military Highway, #128
Norfolk, VA 23502
Dave Ryan, Membership Chair

Not until 1991, 46 years after the end of the War, was an association formed to represent all CVEs of World War II and Korea. This association was named the Escort Carrier Sailors and Airmen Association, Inc. and is usually referred to as ECSAA.

Today ECSAA has well over 1,000 members and while most WWII veterans groups are facing declining numbers, ECSAA continues to add members every year. New memberships come from ship-specific organizations that join-up with ECSAA’s larger audience spanning all Escort Carrier task groups but also the growing support of descendants.

ECSAA’s Board of Governors handles the business affairs of the association, publishes a highly popular quarterly newspaper, The Piper, holds annual conventions in various cities where CVE sailors and airmen and their families meet to visit with old shipmates, make new friends, and recount their days of service aboard the little aircraft carriers which contributed so much to the nation’s victory during the war.

One of ECSAA’s goals is to carry out programs to educate current and future generations of the vital role the CVEs played during the war.

The story of the escort carriers has never been told. During the War, the nation’s press rarely made mention of the CVEs, and their outstanding record of service in both the Atlantic and Pacific theatres of war.

ECSAA’s educational program consists of placing bronze plaques and displays in key Navy and Maritime museums around the country where millions of visitors of all ages can learn about the escort carriers, the men who manned them, and the valiant pilots and airmen who flew from their decks.

The displays also pay tribute to the six CVEs which were sunk, and our shipmates who died in battle.

New for 2016 is a scholarship for the ECSAA members and their families. The information is available on the ECSAA Website.