Website: “Museum Ship Parts Trader”

Bob Pointer of the LST-325 - noting that Museum Ships often have problems obtaining equipment, parts, and supplies, especially period items, and that some ships have excess inventory but do not know where to look. He has kindly told HNSA that there is a Website through Facebook that might be of more

Battle Report – USS TEXAS – January 2019

Please see the January 2019 monthly report from the San Jacinto Battleground - Battleship TEXAS SHS. Lots of exciting happenings on the USS TEXAS! Click on the pdf link:  01-01 to 01-31 (1)read more

Researcher in UK seeking help on US Sonar Recordings

Mr. David Tompkins, a writer in the UK, is seeking help on "SONAR training records used by the SONAR / radar training schools in the U.K. during WW2. I assume it would've been for the ASDIC systems? I wondered any US SONAR recordings, or something similar to what you have, might've been used by more