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Seventh Maritime Heritage Conference, Norfolk, Virginia, October 27-30, 2004

Seventh Maritime Heritage Conference &
Fifth International Ship Preservation Conference

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Papers Listed by Sessions
Host Organizations and Sponsors
Sixth Maritime Heritage Conference (2001)
Third International Conference on the Technical Aspects of the Preservation of Historic Vessels(1997)
U.S. Secretary Of Interior's Standards For Historic Vessel Preservation Projects



The leading maritime heritage organizations in the Hampton Roads, Virginia region were pleased to host the Seventh Maritime Heritage Conference. The Fifth International Ship Preservation Conference was included within the meeting program. It took place in the historic southern seaport of Norfolk, Virginia during Oct 27-30, 2004.

The program sessions addressed topics such as life-saving stations, lighthouses, marine art, maritime and naval museums, shipbuilding, ship preservation, small craft, tall ships, underwater archaeology, maritime education, mercantile port operations, oceanic trade and sailors' life ashore.

The papers presented will be added to the proceedings below as they are received.

Proceedings of the Seventh Maritime Heritage Conference

In addition to the main program, the following organizations held their own meetings at the conference:

Council of American Maritime Museums
Historic Naval Ships Association
American Lighthouse Coordinating Committee
Museum Small Craft Association
National Park Service Maritime Cultural Resource Managers
The Mariners' Museum Library hosted a Maritime Librarians and Archivists Meeting
Search For The Union Submarine USS Alligator Symposium

Host Organizations and Sponsors

Co-Host Organizations
Conference Committee
Hampton Roads, VA Participating Institutions


Conference Chair:
Captain Channing M. Zucker, Executive Director Emeritus, Historic Naval Ships Association

Conference Program Chair:
Joseph C. Mosier, Archivist, Chrysler Museum of Art


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