Free 12′ Models of US Destroyers

The Jacksonville Maritime Heritage Center – see our website – is closing its doors to the public forever on Oct. 17, 2015.  The museum staff is attempting to find good naval museum homes for its fleet of six destroyers which range in age/era from the USS Decatur (DD-5) to the USS Stevens (DD-479).  Each is approx. 12′ long and in a nice wood and plexiglas free-standing case.  Each is being offered FREE to a naval museum able and willing to transport them to a new home. Can send email photos of each if requested.

Paul Ghiotto
Museum Director

Comments (2)

John Luehrsen

I sincerely hope that you are able to place all models – if not, please consider an offer to purchase for a very serious modeler


Larry Donaldson

May be interested due to plans to have a WW 2 Pacific Theater museum in Falls Creek, PA off of I-80. We once had a WW 2 submarine museum/gas station that was owned and operated by three WW 2 era submariners but all have died and the station/museum is gone. Interested if not all gone now.