Zhongsham WarshipType: Yung Feng-class Gunboat. Built: 1910, Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Nagasaki Dockyard, Japan.  Launched: 1912. Commissioned: March 1913. Length: 65.873 m (216.12 ft). Beam:  8.8 m (29 ft). Draft: 3.048 m (10.00 ft). Speed: 14 knots (26 km/h; 16 mph). Complement: 140. …

Originally called Yong Feng, the gunboat was renamed Zhongshan in memory of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the founding father of the Republic of China. Yong Feng was initially ordered from Japan by the Qing court in 1910 with a view to re-establishing its navy. In March 1913, Yong Feng sailed to Shanghai to commence service.  In July 1917, it sailed to Guangzhou to join Sun in campaign against the northern warlords and protecting the parliament and the constitution. In 1922, the Guangdong warlord led by Chen Jiongming started a mutiny against Sun. Sun then went onto Yong Feng to lead his fleet to break the blockade and the gunboat barely escaped destruction.  In November 1924, Sun and his wife, Soong Qingling, boarded Yong Feng again for Beijing. Following Sun’s death in March 1925, Yong Feng was renamed Zhongshan as a recognition of Sun’s contribution to China. It was eventually sunk on 24 October 1938 by Japanese fighter planes in the Yangtze River on 24 October 1938 with 25 casualties during the Battle of Wuhan during China’s War of Resistance. On January 28, 1997, a gunboat was salvaged from the bottom of the Yangtze River. Plans to salvage the Zhong Shan began in 1986, and the gunboat was lifted on 28 January 1997. The Zhongshan was fully renovated in 2001 and is now a museum ship at the Zhongshan Warship Museum in Wuhan.

Contact: Zhongshan Warship Museum, No. 1 Zhongshan Warship Road, Jinkou Street, Jiangxia District, Wuhan, 430208, CHINA

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