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Video from 1945 built ex-USS Steinaker, now ARM Netzahualcoyotl (Netza) made in 2006: Background information and photos from this project to document a US steam destroyer may be found at: Steinaker/Netza video part 1 of 2 YouTube Video ... read more


USS Pampanito Operating Equipment: These recordings of equipment operating were recorded on WW II submarine USS Pampanito in 1995. Pampanito is now a museum in San Francisco. These sounds are Copyright (C) San Francisco Maritime National Park Association and may be used only for non-commer... read more

JP Sonar

JP Sonar Training Records: The JP was the most important and most frequently used submarine passive sonar used during WW II. These 78-RPM training records were created for the Bureau of Naval Personnel by Columbia University - Division of War Research at the U.S. Navy Underwater Sound Laboratory, F... read more

I-52 Wire

Attack on Imperial Japanese Navy submarine I-52: These are two wires recording by the second aircraft sent by USS Bogue. Note that I-52 had already been sunk by the first aircraft. The propeller noise heard are from a German submarine in the area. However, the crew of the aircraft did not know ... read more


Expendable Radio Sonobuoy Training Records, 15P3: U.S. Navy, Bureau of Aeronautics - Special Devices Division Device 15P3 These are 78 RPM records prepared by Columbia University, Division of War Research at the U.S. Navy Underwater Sound Laboratory, Fort Trumball, New London Conn. A cassette ta... read more


Shipboard Calls and Commands: USN Bureau Of Naval Personnel Training Aids, Shipboard Calls And Commands, Recorded 11 May 1950 By Empire Broadcasting Corp. New York. These training records introduce calls, command, bugles and pipes. More detail and the text of the calls and some explanation may be ... read more

Textbook of Seamanship

Folks, Text-Book of Seamanship, 1891, is an updated age of sail textbook at the beginning of the true transition of warships from sail to steam power.In this online version of the manual we have attempted to keep the flavor of the original layout while taking advantage of the Web's universa... read more

The Elements and Practice of Rigging and Seamanship

Folks, The Elements and Practice of Rigging And Seamanship, 1794, by David Steel, is a comprehensive English textbook of rigging, seamanship and naval tactics. A key reference for those interested in the age of Nelson. Although at times difficult because of its fine detail, it will reward t... read more

USS UTAH (BB-31, later AG-16)

Class: Florida Battleship, modified to Auxiliary Ship in 1931 Launched: December 23, 1909 At: New York Shipbuilding Corporation, Camden, New Jersey Commissioned: August 31, 1911 Length: 521 feet, 6 inches Beam:88 feet, 3 inches Draft: 28 feet, 4 inches Displacement: 21,825 tons Armament: T... read more


Class: Secretary Cutter Launched: June 3, 1936 At: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Commissioned: September 17, 1936 Length: 327 feet Beam: 41 feet, 2 inches Draft: 15 feet, 3 inches Displacement: 2,656 tons Present Armament: One 5-inch/38 caliber gun Address: USCGC Ingham Me... read more