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LA Maritime Museum Seeks Curator

Marifrances Trivelli, Executive Director of the Los Angeles Maritime Museum wrote to say that there is a search for a full-time position of curator a the LA Maritime Museum.  For information, please open the following link and click on "Maritime Museum Curator  2407." more

Lightship NANTUCKET Receives Dry-Docking Grant

The U.S. Lightship Museum (USLM) was recently awarded a $575,000 grant from the Community Preservation Act (CPA)-Boston, directed towards the restoration of Nantucket Lightship/LV-112. The grant will allow the historic lightship to enter its next phase of critically needed hull maintenance, more

Mark 91 Telescope Manual Being Sought

Mr. Ken Crouse is seeking a manual or information for the WWII U.S. Navy Mark 91 Telescope - the submarine binoculars that stayed in the sail even when submerged.  If there are any Fleet members that have the manual or information - or know where he may find what he seeks - please contact him more

USS Slater Seeks New Business Manager

As part of the Destroyer Escort Historical Museum’s succession plan, the Museum is seeking a potential, future Business Manager.  Please see the attached pdf for more information. Those interested should write (no 'phone calls) to  Destroyer Escort Historical Museum, Attn: more

Dennis Bryers in Omaha wrote to report on the two HNSA Fleet members at Freedom Park, the USS Hazard and the ex-USS Marlin.  He said that the Missouri River is again over it's banks.  Flood stage is at elevation 29 and the river reached peaked elevation late yesterday at 34.14 feet. more

Community Service Day on the LILAC

The Lilac Preservation Project announce that Members of the crew of the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter (USCGC) Sturgeon Bay, a local icebreaker, will be donating a day of service to the museum ship Lilac, a retired Coast Guard cutter that once tended buoys and lighthouses from 0900 to 1600 more

48 – Starred Union Jack Being Sought for Battle of Midway Anniversary

HNSA Member, former ED at the Naval Historical Foundation, and member of the Battle of Midway Committee, Capt. Todd Creekman, USN (Ret.), is asking for help. With the Navy returning to the traditional Navy "union jack" to the bows of anchored and moored ships on 4 June 2019, the Battle of more

Efforts to Preserve USS HOUSTON off Indonesia

This is an article from Jakarta regarding safeguarding the sunken USS HOUSTON from being stripped by rogue salvers. read more

Patriots Point Seeks Help locating WWII, D-Day Veterans

Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum’s education department is asking for help in locating World War II, D-Day veterans for a special June 6 program that commemorates the 75th anniversary of the Allied powers’ invasion of France and honors the heroes that fought in the attack. more

16′ Model of “Dreadnought” looking for new home

Cecil Johnson writes that on  board the USS Lexington in Corpus Christi, TX, there is a huge model of the "Dreadnought" which measures c.16' long with a 3' beam. The folks on Lexington are looking for a new home for the model and asked if anyone in HNSA would be interested. If so, please more