48 – Starred Union Jack Being Sought for Battle of Midway Anniversary

HNSA Member, former ED at the Naval Historical Foundation, and member of the Battle of Midway Committee, Capt. Todd Creekman, USN (Ret.), is asking for help. With the Navy returning to the traditional Navy “union jack” to the bows of anchored and moored ships on 4 June 2019, the Battle of Midway anniversary (see CNO’s message attached below), the DC-area Midway Dinner Committee and because CNO has chosen this year’s Midway anniversary to return to the union jack, Captain Creekman would like to feature a vintage 48-star union jack.  Does any HNSA Fleet Member have one or more 48-star jacks they would be willing to loan for static display at our dinner? The flag would be under glass, not hoisted and not marked in any way. The Committee can pay for shipment to and from the DC-area and will give the loaning ship credit at the dinner. A great way for a HNSA Fleet member to exhibit =their World War II, 48-star heritage!  Please contact HNSA ED, John Elliker at 757-575-1683 or at href=””> with any questions.


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