Casper J. Knight, Jr.

Executive Director, USS Olympia

The Historic Naval Ships Association owes much of its present success and stability to the dedication and effort of Casper J. Knight Jr.

Lt, CDR USN, Casper J. Knight Jr. “Cappy” or “Cap” to his many friends, served in World War II, taking part in four invasions. President of the cruiser Olympia Association in the early sixties, Cap was an ardent and active supporter of the HNSA organization from the very beginning, providing written materials supporting the concept of an organization of Navy Museum ships and making personal visits to these ships to lobby for their participation. His dedication to HNSA and to the memorial ships he referred to as “shrines” was instrumental in building and ensuring the success of the organization.

Cap was Vice President of the first group of officers elected to the HNSA board in 1968; was elected HNSA President in 1971 and served two terms as HNSA Secretary in 1977 and 1979 and continued to work for the organization until his passing in 1982.