Dekaury Restoration Corporation

The  Dekaury, a 260-ton harbor tug built at Jacksonville, Florida, was placed in service in early 1943. Initially assigned to the 1st Naval District, New England, she was reclassified YTB-178 in May 1944. In 1946, she was transferred to the 12th Naval District, San Francisco Bay. Laid up in 1947-50, Dekaury was returned to service at Mare Island Naval Shipyard in September 1950 and remained active into the 1980s. Reclassified YTM-178 in the 1960s, she was stricken from the Naval Vessel Register in September 1985.

After her time in the Navy she became the fire boat for the port of Stockton, CA. Recently returned to San Francisco Bay.

Mr. James L. Adams, President

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