Pim van Wijngaarden
3222 Alice Ct.
Falls Church, VA 22042

As a former Royal Netherlands Navy sailor with an interest in museum ships and website building, I started in November of 2014. The intent is to provide a dedicated page for every museum ship I can locate worldwide, and by doing so, creating awareness for these museums, the volunteers and employees that run it, and the veterans that served on them.

I considered an active Facebook page key to the website’s success. It’s more than 62,000 followers shows there is a demand for information I intend to provide. To create more interactivity for our followers, we now also have a Facebook group as well with nearly 9,000 members, and growing fast.

Several friends have been recruited to help moderate and administer.

Together we hope to grow and help sustain the efforts of many dedicated people to keep our magnificent museum ship fleet afloat and expand.

It is a privilege to get to know the ship’s many volunteers, curators, superintendents and other staff-members, and an honor to call many of them friends.

As HNSA and MuseumShips share a common goal I would love to see some form of collaboration and cooperation in the future in support of a shared vision.

MuseumShips is here to help museum ships!

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