Naval Submarine League



CAPT Tim Oliver, USN, Ret.
Executive Director
Naval Submarine League
405 North Henry Street
Alexandria VA 22314-2230
(703) 256-0891 office
(202) 368-9743 mobile

The Naval Submarine League was founded in 1982 to provide a means for Submarine Force leadership to share their vision and direction with the American people, so they could be aware of the need for a strong undersea arm of the U.S. Navy. Several events have been developed which enable government, industry and academia to identify, study and develop potential solutions to undersea warfare challenges. A quarterly journal, The Submarine Review, and ten chapters (some at submarine ports) enable submariners and submarine enthusiasts to be informed.

Membership at the end of 2020 consisted of about 3400 individual members and 135 corporate members.


The Naval Submarine League is an organization which allows submarine enthusiasts in all walks of life to demonstrate their strong and continuous support while providing a forum wherein this group can become acquainted with the educated on significant details of the goals and issues confronting the Submarine Force.


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