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HNSA Associate Members are organizations whose objectives are compatible with the objectives of the Historic Naval Ships Association. Examples are historic ships not yet open to the public, firms who supply goods and services to Fleet Members, for-profit tourist attractions such as ship excursion lines, and non-profit organizations working to obtain historic naval ships for siting and display as museum vessels.

HNSA encourages its Fleet Members to give preference to the products and services offered by its Associate Member vendors and suppliers. It also advises Fleet Members to make their own decisions regarding the purchase, employment or other use of the products and services offered by its Associate Members. HNSA incurs no liability and assumes no responsibility for problems that may occur prior to, during or after an Associate Member has supplied a product or performed a service in support of a Fleet Member.

If you are interested in becoming an associate member, contact Dr. William Cogar at [email protected]

The  Dekaury, a 260-ton harbor tug built at Jacksonville, Florida, was placed in service in early 1943. Initially assigned to the 1st Naval District, New England, she was reclassified YTB-178 in May 1944. In 1946, she was transferred to the 12th Naval District, San Francisco Bay. Laid up in 1947-50, Dekaury was returned to service at Mare Island Naval Shipyard in September 1950 and remained active into the 1980s. Reclassified YTM-178 in the 1960s, she was stricken from the Naval Vessel Register in September 1985.

After her time in the Navy she became the fire boat for the port of Stockton, CA. Recently returned to San Francisco Bay.

Mr. James L. Adams, President
[email protected]

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Empower Your Image oversees the printing, production, and distribution of the Historic Naval Ships Association newsletter “Anchor Watch,” along with promotional products, corporate gifts, apparel, ship store and custom items, and special events.

The company has been in the advertising specialty business since 1971. Our staff has over 80 years of combined experience in the promotional products field as well as the related support fields. From conception to delivery, we are dedicated to making your unique promotional advertising endeavor a success.

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Escort Carrier Sailors & Airmen Association, Inc.
1215 No. Military Highway, #128
Norfolk, VA 23502
Dave Ryan, Membership Chair
E-mail: [email protected]

Not until 1991, 46 years after the end of the War, was an association formed to represent all CVEs of World War II and Korea. This association was named the Escort Carrier Sailors and Airmen Association, Inc. and is usually referred to as ECSAA.

Today ECSAA has well over 1,000 members and while most WWII veterans groups are facing declining numbers, ECSAA continues to add members every year. New memberships come from ship-specific organizations that join-up with ECSAA’s larger audience spanning all Escort Carrier task groups but also the growing support of descendants.

ECSAA’s Board of Governors handles the business affairs of the association, publishes a highly popular quarterly newspaper, The Piper, holds annual conventions in various cities where CVE sailors and airmen and their families meet to visit with old shipmates, make new friends, and recount their days of service aboard the little aircraft carriers which contributed so much to the nation’s victory during the war.

One of ECSAA’s goals is to carry out programs to educate current and future generations of the vital role the CVEs played during the war.

The story of the escort carriers has never been told. During the War, the nation’s press rarely made mention of the CVEs, and their outstanding record of service in both the Atlantic and Pacific theatres of war.

ECSAA’s educational program consists of placing bronze plaques and displays in key Navy and Maritime museums around the country where millions of visitors of all ages can learn about the escort carriers, the men who manned them, and the valiant pilots and airmen who flew from their decks.

The displays also pay tribute to the six CVEs which were sunk, and our shipmates who died in battle.

New for 2016 is a scholarship for the ECSAA members and their families. The information is available on the ECSAA Website.

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In 1980, Flight Avionics built the first hydraulically controlled Virtual Reality Theater for the entertainment industry; better known today as flight or motion simulators. We have a reputation for honest, fair dealing, and providing the highest quality and highest performance equipment in the industry.

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Insurance Solutions for Historic Naval Ships: By Gowrie Group

Gowrie Group’s marine insurance experts develop customized solutions to meet the specific and unique insurance needs of historic naval ships. From battleships and destroyers, to maritime museums, Gowrie’s experts tailor insurance solutions to help protect a wide variety of ships.  Gowrie Group is one of the largest independent marine insurance agencies in the US.


  • Property
  • Docks, Piers & Wharfs
  • Fine Arts & Museum Collections
  • Builders Risk
  • Hull Insurance
  • Protection & Indemnity
  • Jones Act
  • General & Marine Liability
  • Liquor Liability
  • State Workers Compensation
  • Maritime Employers Liability
  • US Longshoreman & Harbor WC Act
  • Umbrella / Bumbershoot / Excess
  • Directors & Officers
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Crime
  • Cyber/Data Security
  • Ocean Cargo & Transit
  • Pollution Liability
  • International
  • Special Events
  • Group Health & Benefits
  • Crew Medical Insurance


  • Safety Hazards & Loss Prevention
  • Claims Services


  • Historic Naval Ships
  • Battleships
  • Destroyers
  • Aircraft Carriers
  • Cruisers
  • Liberty Ships
  • Merchant Cargo Ships
  • Maritime Museums
  • Aircraft
  • Other Vessel Classes

Learn More & Request an Insurance Quote:
Totch Hartge at Gowrie Group:
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What is Guru?
Guru provides the most robust digital story-telling platform available to cultural institutions (museums, zoos, aquariums, gardens) and local attractions. Each Guru customer receives their own branded app that delivers nearly any type of content (text, audio, video, AR, VR) based on a user’s location. While enhancing the visitor experience, Guru simultaneously gathers key visitor behavior and demographic data which is leveraged by Guru’s customers for key decisions and to increase donations, concessions and merchandise sales.

­ Case Study: How Guru has impacted the Battleship Iowa?
Created in only six weeks, the Battleship Iowa was downloaded more than 1500 times in the first 60 days after launch. Loved by the visitors and crew alike, it has been a fitting upgrade for the ship’s “fourth commissioning” as one of the Navy’s most historical landmarks.
Constantly evolving, the interactive mobile tour is not a replacement for docents and volunteers but is actually used by them to better educate visitors.

See it for yourself, and download the FREE Battleship Iowa Mobile Tour.

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Get a taste of the adventure. View sample videos from the Battleship Iowa.

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Sailor  Tattoo:

Gun House Crew Positions:

101 W. Broadway, #300
| San Diego CA 92101
Paul Burke
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The Objectives and Aims of HMS Cavalier Association are:

Bring together in mutual friendship those who served in HMS Cavalier;
Support each other as necessary;
Keep Members of “The Association” in contact with each other by means of a Newsletter (Known as “Cavalier Capers”), Meetings, and other Social occasions;
Maintain Links with the Royal Navy and other organisations;
Provide a central record of all information relating to HMS Cavalier;
Support the current owners of HMS Cavalier:
Promote the permanent preservation of HMS Cavalier;
And Promote greater public understanding of the work that British Destroyers played in Peace and War.

Queries should be addressed to:
Terry Willis. Secretary/Capers Editor
28 Pippin Lane
Little Billing
Northampton NN3 9TQ
United Kingdom
[email protected]


Jacksonville Historic Naval Ships Associaition
2 Independent Drive
Suite 144
Jacksonville, FL 32202

The ADAMS played a key role in our Navy’s history and was stationed in Mayport for 21 of her 30 years of service life. She was the first guided missile destroyer built from the keel up by the U.S. Navy as a guided missile ship. This heralded a new age of U.S. Navy ships with advanced guided missile weapons systems. The ADAMS revolutionized naval warfare from two aspects, anti-air warfare and anti-submarine warfare.

The USS Adams Museum will be a fitting memorial to honor all veterans, especially the Sailors who served on this special class of warship. The museum will help educate our youth about STEM careers and contribute to the economic growth of Downtown Jacksonville. We are a community-led organization with board members and supporters, just like you, who are passionate about making a difference in their community.