U.S. Games Systems, Inc

U.S. Games Systems, Inc.
179 Ludlow Street
Stamford, CT 06902 USA
800.544.2637—Customer Service

usgs@usgamesinc.com – Customer Service Email


U.S. Games Systems, Inc. has been producing quality family games and specialty playing card decks for 50 years. Designed for family fun, all our products are attractively packaged and affordably priced.

Popular themed playing card decks include Naval Spotter Cards, Airplane Spotter Cards, Optical Illusions, Classic American Rides, Vintage Railroad, Civil War series and many other historical decks.  

Founded in 1968 by Stuart R. Kaplan, U.S. Games Systems (USGS) initially marketed a single product category: tarot cards. It now markets approximately 400 proprietary items from over 20 product categories of tarot, playing cards, games, children’s card games, museum products, books, and educational/motivational cards. The company’s overall mission is to create, produce and market high quality printed playing cards and book products.

As evidenced not only in his writings and personal collection of rare cards and games (previously on exhibit at the Bruce Museum in Greenwich, CT), playing cards have been and continue to be a passion of the founder and Chairman of USGS, Stuart Kaplan. This strong desire to share high quality printed playing cards with others is embodied in the culture and fabric of U.S. Games Systems.

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