U.S. Navy Cruiser Sailors Association.

President:  Alan W. Van Bladel
112 East Canterbury Drive
Arlington Heights, IL 60004-2419
Tel: (847) 797-4242
Email: [email protected]

Capt. Channing M. Zucker, USN (Ret.), Treasurer
U.S. Navy Cruiser Sailors Association.
4640 Hoylake Drive
Virginia Beach, VA 23462-4547
Email: [email protected]

Secretary:  James F. Chryst
34 Snyder Hollow Road
New Providence, PA  17560-9792
Tel:  (717) 284-6996
Email: [email protected]


The U.S. Navy Cruiser Sailors Association (USNCSA) is an organization of U.S. Navy veterans who formerly served or are currently serving aboard cruisers.  USNCSA publishes a quarterly 48-page color magazine.  It holds an annual five-day national reunion, rotating it among cities on the east coast, west coast and the central part of the country.   The association is divided geographically into three districts: Eastern, Central, and Western.  Within the districts are state and local chapters. Some state and local chapters hold get-togethers, usually for one day.

USNCSA is a tax-exempt veterans organization by, for, and about U.S. Navy cruisers and their crews.  Formed in 1992 by seven cruiser sailors, the association has grown into a vibrant, member-oriented organization with over 2,600 active members.   Its roster includes sailors who served in all 168 ‘modern’ cruisers built since the 1930s.  It provides annual donations to the three cruiser fleet members of the Historic Naval Ships Association:  USS LITTLE ROCK (CL-92, later CLG-4), USS OLYMPIA (C-6, later CL-15) and USS SALEM (CA-139).


This is an organization of veterans who formerly served or are currently serving aboard cruisers.


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