Duplicate Ship Plans Offered by Los Angeles Maritime Museum

Marifrances Trielli, Director of the Los Angeles Maritime Museum has announced that her archivist has identified some duplicate ships plans that are being offered institutional members, including HNSA.  For more information, contact the Museum Archivist, Liz Ruth, at 310-548-7618 ext 215 or send her an email at

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Rick Baker

Do you have any plans of the USS Kitty Hawk? I would prefer something that could be downloaded as opposed to printed matter. Thanks in advance if you can help!


    Sadly, we do not. The best bet would be the National Archives and Records Administration in Washington, DC. Perhaps a book on Kitty Hawk might give a reference to plans and where they are located; paybe the call number at the National Archives.

    Good luck.

Jack Kern

I am a Volunteer at the USS Hornet Museum ship in Alameda, CA. Would you happen to have plans for this ship?


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