HMS Warrior

Class: Warrior Class Sail & Steam
Launched: 29 Dec 1860
At: Thames Iron Works & Shipbuilding Company, London, England
Commissioned: 1861

Length: 418 feet
Beam: 58 feet
Draft: 26 feet
Displacement: 9,210 tons
Maximum Speed: 13 knots under sail, 14.5 knots under steam
Armament: 26 muzzle-loading 68 pounders, 10 breech-loading 110 pounders
Complement: 705 men

Warrior Preservation Trust
HM Naval Base
Hampshire, PO1 3QX
United Kingdom
Tel: (+44) 23 9277 8600 (International) 023 9277 8600 (UK)
Fax: (+44) 23 9277 8601 (International) 023 9277 8601 (UK)
Latitude: 50.798204799, Longitude: -1.1094045639
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Although obsolete within a decade of her launch, HMS Warrior was the first British iron hulled, steam powered warship. She was larger, better armored and more powerful than any other ship of her time.

By 1883 she had been removed from service and stripped of her masts and guns. In 1904 she was renamed Vernon III and was used to supply steam and electricity to the Navy’s torpedo training school.

In 1924 she was renamed Oil Fuel Hulk C77 and used as a shipkeeper’s home and floating oil dock at the Pembroke Dock in Wales.

Today Warrior is the only example of the 45 ironhulls built between 1861 and 1877 to survive. The Warrior Preservation Trust took charge of Warrior in 1979 and has performed a stunning restoration.

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