Class: Royal Dutch Navy van Straelen-class.

Type: Inshore minesweeper.

Launched: 15 March 1960

At:  Bouwwerf “de Noord,” Alblasserdam, The Netherlands.

Commissioned: 6 October 1961

Length: 33.08 meters.

Beam:  6.65 meters.

Draft: 1.80 meters.

Displacement: 171 tons.

Armament:  1 x 20 mm. Oerlikon.



Stichting Promotie Maritieme Tradities (Foundation Promotion Maritime Traditions”)

Schutlerwerb 41,

1003 XV Amsterdam,

The Netherlands.



NDSM Pier 4,

1033 RG Amsterdam,

The Netherlands

00.31.20 221 7684

00.31.6 511 61160 (cell)

Latitude: 52.24030; Longitude: 04.53196

The Mahu is one of the van Straelen-class minesweepers build during the Cold War for use in the estuaries of Dutch rivers and nicknamed “Dinky Toys.” She was named for Pieter Mahu, a Dutch Navy pilot, shot down and killed by Japanese aircraft on 24 Feb 1942 during the Battle of the Java Sea. For his heroism, he was rewarded posthumous with “the Bronze Cross,” one of the highest Dutch military decorations. The Royal Dutch Navy named one of the Straelen-class minesweepers for Mahu in 1960.

Following her decommissioning in 1986 a group of former Navy men adopted the Mahu and restored the wooden minesweeper. Operational, the crew hosts numerous groups, including school classes in nautical science. The Mahu open almost every day to receive visitors.

Shipmate Henk Jongewaard, Elsbroekplantsoen 1, kamer 248, 1507LK Zaandam, Netherlands. E-mail:


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