INS Dabur

Class: Dabur patrol boat
Launched: 1970
At: Swiftships, Morgan City, LA, U.S.A.

Length: 19.8m
Beam: 5.5m
Displacement: 38 tons
Crew: 9 men
Armament: two 20mm, two .5 inch browning machine guns
Propulsion: Two GM diesel engines driving two propellers. 29 knot max speed.

Clandestine Immigration and Navy Museum
204 Allenby Street
Haifa 35472
Tel: +04-8536249
Fax: +04-88512958
Latitude: 32.8296468959, Longitude: 34.9721343741
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The Dabur-class patrol boats played an essential and important role in securing the Israeli coastline for over 30 years. The boats were based on an offshore support vessel design and the first 12 were manufactured for Israel in the U.S.A. Starting in 1976 they were the first modern warships manufactured in Israel (by Israel Aircraft Industries, in the Negev desert town of Be’er Sheba). The experience building these boats influenced all Israeli naval vessels that followed them.

During the 1973 Yom Kippur War, Dabur patrol boats attacked an Egyptian commando force in their own port and destroyed many speed boats and rubber dinghies just as they were preparing for attacks on Israeli targets. They proved themselves to be tough and versatile boats.

During the 1980s, a number of renovations were introduced which significantly improved maneuverability of the boats. Dabur crews have succeeded in overcoming dozens of terrorist infiltration attempts via the sea, and have succeeded in sinking numerous terrorist vessels.

After 30 years of service, Dabur boats are being replaced by Dvora-class boats.

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