Launched: 1900

At: Örlogsvarvet (Navy Yard), Karlskrona, Sweden

Commissioned: 1900

Decommissioned: 1950

Length: 33.2 meters at waterline

Beam: 8.4 meters

Draft: 3.3 meters

Displacement: 350 tons

Sail Area: 1,002 square meters

Foremast: 24 meters from deck

Mainmast: 25.5 meters from deck

Mizzenmast: 20.85 meters from deck

Complement: 122, of which 100 were cadets and boy seaman (1900)

Provisions: 35 days. Water: 28 days


The National Maritime Museums of Sweden/The Naval Museum


Box 48

SE-371 21 Karlskrona


(46) 455 35 93 00

Fax: (46) 455 35 93 49

Latitude: 56.16230370888286, Longitude: 15.599861741065997

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The Jarramas, the last sailing vessel to be built at the Navy Yard, was constructed in steel whereas her three years’ older sister ship the Najaden was of wood on an iron frame.

The Boy Seamen’s ship

Built as a training ship for the Boy Seamen’s Corps, the Jarramas remained in service until 1947 when she was replaced by the schooners Gladan and Falken.

A fast ship

The star on the Jarramas’ quarterdeck signifies that she was a particularly fast sailer. By tradition the star was awarded to a vessel that had exceeded 16 knots. On one occasion it is said that the Jarramas logged 18.3 knots.

A familiar sight

In 1950 Jarramas was sold to the Municipality of Karlskrona and functioned as a tourist attraction and coffee shop until 1997 when she was donated to the Naval Museum on the occasion of the inauguration of the newly built museum building.

Save the Jarramas!

After long and faithful service the Jarramas is now in dire need of total renovation. The “Save the Jarramas Project”, which is run by the Naval Museum is expected to last for five years and cost around SEK 12 million. On the completion of the renovation the Jarramas will once again be seaworthy, i.e. fully equipped with everything other than the sails. In the future, the Jarramas will remain moored at the Naval Museum quay where she will play host to a whole range of activities.

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