Class: Patrol/Torpedo Boat
Launched: 1942
At: Kockums Shipyard, Sweden
Commissioned: 1943
Decommissioned: 1957

Length: 20 meters
Beam: 5 meters
Displacement: 27 tons
Machinery: Isotta Fraschini, 1500 hp each, 18 cyl each, 57 liter
Speed: 51.5 knots
Crew: 11 Men
Armament: 2 Torpedoes 57 cm; 20 mm machine gun

T26 Föreningen MTB-veteraner
c/o Sjöofficerssällskapet, Stockholm
Långa Raden 8
111 49 Stockholm
Email: lennart.segerstrom@telia.com
Latitude: 59.0754471663, Longitude: 18.2065511931
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T26 was the first Motor Torpedo Boat equipped with radar, a Canadian construction. This gave the effect that T26 was on patrol far more than the other boats in the squadron. This stress caused problems with cracks in the hull. The rescuer was spelled PERMATEX.

During the 1940s the famous motor torpedo boat constructor, the late Curt Borgenstam, began his career at the 4th Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron. The development of the Isotta Fraschini Engines that started with Mr Borgenstam as the prime mover made it possible to keep the engines in operation right to the decommissioning of the Motor Torpedo Boats in 1975

After being decommissioned in October 1957 the T26 was taken over by the Air Force and used to tow targets on lake Vättern up to 1985. During this period T26 was completely rebuilt. All weapons were removed, a new bridge was installed and a huge installation for towing targets was installed on half-deck. Luckily the engine installation was kept intact.

Mr. Lennart Segerström bought the T26 in 1985 and the restoration into original shape began. T26 is today owned and administered by the “Lennart Segerström Foundation T26, a Living Museum Ship”.

T26 is on display in various harbors on the east coast of Sweden during the “Motor Torpedo Boat Season” i.e. summertime.

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