Class: T32 Class Torpedo Boat
Launched: 1951
At: Kockums Mekaniska Verkstad, Malmö, Sweden
Commissioned: 1951
Decommissioned: 1975

Length: 23 meters
Beam: 5.9 meters
Draft: 1.4 meters
Displacement: 40 tons
Armament: Tubes/mines 2 – 53 cm torpedoes or 4 mines and depth charges.
Guns 1 Bofors – 40 mm AA, M/36; 2 – M.G., M/36; 1 x 57 mm rocket flare launchers
Machinery: 3 Isotta Fraschini IF 184 C = 1,500 hp. = 50 knots, max 2 Ford V8 Marine = 85 hp., cruising speed.
Speed: 50 knots
Complement: 5 officers, 11 ratings

The National Maritime Museums of Sweden/The Naval Museum
Box 48
SE-371 21 Karlskrona
(46) 455 35 93 00
Fax: (46) 455 35 93 49
Latitude: 56.16167043116023, Longitude: 15.60034990310669
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At the outbreak of war in 1939, Sweden saw that a rapid and effective way must be found to meet the Navy’s pressing demand for new MTB’s. Hitherto, MTB’s had been purchased from Italy and Britain, but now the sole remaining alternative was to design and produce them in Sweden.

The MTB was a multi-purpose warship that operated in coastal waters, in an offensive capacity, they harried enemy warships and shipping, and conducted hit-and-run raids on harbors and base areas. Their defensive responsibilities would include mine laying, patrol, escort, guard and reconnaissance duties. Attacks were generally carried out during the hours of darkness and the range of their torpedoes was 2,000-3,000 meters.

The T38 belonged to the Fourth MTB Division at the Gålö Naval Base, Stockholm. Following her period of active service, in 1956 T38 was stripped of her armament and laid up in Karlskrona until she was finally decommissioned in 1975. In 1978 the T38 was transferred to the Malmö museum, Sweden as an exhibit. In 1995 she returned to Karlskrona and the Naval Museum. An extensive restoration project brought her back to original condition. Since 1998 the T38 once again plies the waves of the Karlskrona Archipelago. The ship is maintained and operated by the T38 Preservation Society, http://www.t38.se.

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