Class: Patrol/Torpedo Boat
Launched At: Kockums Shipyard, Sweden
Commissioned: 1957
Decommissioned: 1973

Length: 23 meters
Beam: 5.9 meters
Draft: 1.5 meters
Displacement: 43 tons
Machinery: 3 CRM 18D/SS
Speed: 48 knots
Crew: 16 men
Armament: 2 torpedoes (53 cm), 1 40mm Bofors, 2 m/36 machine guns, 57 mm flare and chafe rockets.

Trust MTB T56
Mittadalsvallen 407
SE-84095 Funasdalen
Tel: +46-70-456-20-41 Hans Arwidson, Financial Manager Email: hansutbildare@telia.com
Latitude: 59.0754471663, Longitude: 18.2065511931
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The motor torpedo-boat T56 was built in 1957 at the Naval Shipyard in Stockholm. T56 is one of the T42 series that comprises T42 through T56. The main supplier was Kockums Company in Malmö, although four ships in the series were built at Stockholm’s Örlogsvarv (the Stockholm Naval Dockyard).

T56 was in the service of the Royal Swedish Navy until 1973 and was discarded in 1984 and then sold to a private person.

Since December 2003, T56 has been owned by the T56 Foundation and has returned to her previous home port 25 kilometers south of Stockholm at a former torpedo boat base.

T56 is on display in various harbors on the east coast of Sweden during the “Motor Torpedo Boat Season” i.e. summertime.

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