TCB 36 AB-212 Helicopter

ab 212 helikopter 1

Type: AB 212

Built: Agusta, Italy

Commissioned Turkish Navy: 4 August 1977

Decommissioned Turkish Navy: 25 March 2013

Transferred to Izmir Warships Museum: 22 May 2014

Length17.39 meters
Beam: 3.96 meters
Displacement: 8000 lb

Izmir Warship Museum
Inciraltı Balçova
Izmir, Turkey
Tel: +90 232 278 52 34

The AB 212 class helicopter with the tail number (TCB 36) joined the Turkish Fleet in 1977, and saw some 36 years of active service, playing an important part at ensuring peace and prosperity in our the seas around Turkey. After flying nearly 7,000 hours in successful missions, the helicopter’s active service ended in 2013. With the contribution of the Turkish Navy’s Southern Area Commandership and the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, it has been on exhibit on the helicopter platform of the Ege Museum Ship in İzmir/İnciraltı pier since 22 May 2014.

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