TCG Pirireis (S-343) (Ex-USS Tang SS-563)

Class: Tang-Class Submarine
Launched: June 19, 1951
At: Portsmouth Naval Shipyard
Commissioned (USN): October 25, 1951
Decommissioned (USN): February 8, 1980
Transferred to Turkey and Commissioned: February 8, 1980
Decommissioned (Turkish Navy): August, 2002
Transferred to Izmir Warships Museum: July 1, 2007
Length: 87 meters
Beam: 9 meters
Normal displacement: 2,200 tons
Armament: Mk 23 classic torpedoes, Mk 37/2-3 homing torpedoes, Mk 49-0 bottom mine


Izmir Warship Museum
Inciraltı Balçova
Izmir, Turkey
Tel: +90 232 278 52 34


TCG Pirireis

After a long and successful career as the USS Tang during the Cold War and earning four battle stars for service during the Vietnam War, the boat was transferred to the Turkish Navy in 1980 and became the TCG Pirireis. She assumed significant roles in Turkish and allied waters to ensure peace and tranquility in the region for more than 24 years. Her active mission in the Turkish Naval Forces ended in 2004. Three years later, in 2007, she became a Museum Ship at the İzmir/İnciraltı pier, enjoying the support of Southern Sea Area Command and the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality.

As a Museum Ship, her primary role is to imbue visitors with the culture of Turkish Naval History by introducing them to the ship’s naval roles, the living conditions for those who served on the Pirireis and the original equipment of the warship. Also being used are objects such as models, mock-ups, and exhibitions in order to ensure the young generations understand and appreciate the ship’s naval role and the seafaring life, all adding to the contributions to Turkish cultural and artistic activities.

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