Type: Arctic Survey Boat
Launched: 1965
At: Bellingham, Washington
Length: 39 feet
Beam: 11 feet, 3 inches
Draft: 4 feet
Displacement: 12 tons

Address for Visiting:
Brewer Pilots Point Marina
63 Pilots Point Drive
Westbrook, CT 06498

Organization Address:
The Glacier Society
P.O. Box 1419
Bridgeport, CT 06601-1419
(866) ICE-PLAY (866-423-7529) toll free or (203) 375-6638
Latitude: 41.2718037716, Longitude: -72.4679942773
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The name Arctic Scout was given to the boat by The Glacier Society. When in the service of the Coast Guard, it was known simply as ASB 39020. Arctic survey boats such as Arctic Scout were carried aboard icebreakers to conduct cold climate surveys, take depth soundings ahead of the ship, assist in rescue operations, ferry personnel from ship to shore and serve as a life boat. Arctic Scout is constructed of a single skin glass-reinforced hull. It has a reinforced bow for minor icebreaking and a reinforced belt around the waterline for protection against ice fields. Diesel-powered, it has a maximum speed of 10 knots and a range of 320 miles. The normal crew is six people.

The Glacier Society is also working to bring the icebreaker USS/USCGC Glacier to Bridgeport, Connecticut where she will be placed back into service as a marine science, research and education vessel. She will provide hands-on training to children, students and adults while teaching the history of Polar exploration.

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