Class: Secretary Cutter

Launched: June 3, 1936

At: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Commissioned: September 17, 1936

Length: 327 feet

Beam: 41 feet, 2 inches

Draft: 15 feet, 3 inches

Displacement: 2,656 tons

Present Armament: One 5-inch/38 caliber gun


USCGC Ingham Memorial Museum

Truman Waterfront

Post Office Box 186

Key West, Florida 33041

(305) 292-5072

Fax: (786) 268-0969


Latitude: 24.5527715949, Longitude: -81.8077017934

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One of only two preserved Secretary class cutters, probably the most successful large cutters built by the U.S. Coast Guard, Ingham served with distinction during World War II on convoy duty. Protecting ships ferrying vital supplies to Great Britain, Ingham battled stormy weather, German U-Boats, and enemy aircraft. During one crossing Ingham engaged and sank the enemy submarine U-626. After 1944, Ingham served as an amphibious flagship.

Ingham patrolled the waters surrounding Korea during the Korean War and earned a Presidential Unit Citation for her service during the Vietnam War.

After the war the cutter returned to regular Coast Guard duties, serving until 1988, when she was decommissioned. Acquired by Patriots Point in 1989, she was transferred to Miami Dade Historical Maritime Museum in 2009, before moving to Key west.

The commandant of the Coast Guard has declared Ingham the National Memorial to Coast Guardsmen Killed in Action In World War II and Vietnam. These 912 casualties are identified on a memorial plaque on her quarterdeck.

USCGC Ingham is a National Historic Landmark.

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