Class: Gato
Type: Submarine
Launched: May 12, 1941
At: Portsmouth Navy Yard, Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Commissioned: November 1, 1941

Length: 312 feet
Beam: 27 feet
Draft: 17 feet (surface trim)
Displacement: 1,525 tons (surfaced), 2,415 tons (submerged)
Armament: Ten 21-inch torpedo tubes, one 5-inch/25 caliber gun, one 40 mm gun and two 20mm guns

USS Alabama Battleship Commission
Battleship Memorial Park
2703 Battleship Parkway, P.O. Box 65
Mobile, AL 36601
800 GANGWAY/800 426-4929
Fax: (251) 433-2777
MG Janet L. Cobb, USA (Ret.), Executive Director
Latitude: 30.6811713098, Longitude: -88.0165648334
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USS Drum was among the first fleet boats in combat. On her first war patrol from Pearl Harbor in April 1942, she sank the Japanese Navy seaplane tender Mizuho and three merchant ships. That year she made two more patrols, sinking three and damaging three ships. In 1943, she damaged the Japanese carrier Ryuho, sank three merchant ships and damaged another on her 4th through 8th patrols; receiving heavy damage from escort ships. On her 9th through 12th patrols in 1944, she sank four merchantmen. On her 13th patrol, she provided pilot rescue and reconnaissance support. Drum‘s 15 sinkings, displacing 80,580 tons, rank her 20th in ships and 8th in tonnage among U.S. submarines. After earning 12 battle stars for her World War II service, Drum conducted training operations until being transferred to the State of Alabama and towed from Norfolk, Va. to join the battleship Alabama at the Park on July 4, 1969. She was moved to a permanent berth ashore in 2001.

USS Drum is a National Historic Landmark.

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