Class: Midway Aircraft Carrier

Launched: 20 March 1945

At: Newport News Shipbuilding Co., Newport News, Virginia

Commissioned: 10 September 1945

Modernized: 1955-57; 1966-70

Length: 1,001 feet

Extreme Width: 258 feet

Draft: 34 feet

Displacement: 70,000 tons


USS Midway Museum

910 N. Harbor Drive

San Diego, CA 92101

(619) 544-9600

Fax: (619) 544-9188

Latitude: 32.7138767016, Longitude: -117.175219141

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Imagine a ship that once embarked on a 47-year odyssey–from the end of WW II to the liberation of Kuwait in 1991–shared by 225,000 American sailors. The USS Midway, longest-serving aircraft carrier of the 20th Century, is now the most-visited floating naval ship museum in the world. Midway routinely set new standards of naval aviation. It was the first to deploy extensively in the sub-Arctic winter and in 1947 successfully launched a captured German V-2 rocket that became the dawn of naval missile warfare. Midway also was the first carrier home-ported in a foreign country when it arrived Yokosuka, Japan, in 1973. It still holds the record for longest carrier deployment at sea, 327 days. As a museum, Midway features more than 60 exhibits from boiler to bridge and a self-guided audio tour narrated by many Midway veterans. Annually it is adding restored spaces to the public tour. The museum’s restored air wing features more than 25 aircraft of WWII to Desert Storm vintage. Midway is moored alongside Navy Pier on downtown San Diego’s Embarcadero waterfront.

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