Fleet Type Submarine Series

The WW II Fleet Type Submarine Series:

The Fleet Type Submarine, 1946NavPers 16160
Submarine Main Propulsion Diesels, 1946NavPers 16161
Submarine Electrical Installations, 1946NavPers 16162
Submarine Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Systems, 1945NavPers 16163
Submarine Distilling Systems, 1955Navpers 16163A
Submarine Air Systems, 1946NavPers 16164
Submarine Periscope Manual, 1946NavPers 16165
Submarine Trim and Drain Systems, 1945NavPers 16166
Submarine Sonar Operator’s Manual, 1944NavPers 16167
Submarine Underwater Log Systems, 1945NavPers 16168
Submarine Hydraulic Systems, 1946NavPers 16169
Torpedo Tubes, 21-Inch submerged, Mks 32 to 39, 1944O.P. 1085