JP Sonar

JP Sonar Training Records:
The JP was the most important and most frequently used submarine passive sonar used during WW II. These 78-RPM training records were created for the Bureau of Naval Personnel by Columbia University – Division of War Research at the U.S. Navy Underwater Sound Laboratory, Fort Trumbul, New London, Connecticut.

The use of filters to manipulate the sound is described in the records, and also in Submarine Sonar Operator’s Manual, NavPers 16167. Some technical information about this equipment is at available in the Naval Sonar Manual. These records are from the collection of the U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command.

NAVPERS 11720A: Introduction to JP Sonic Listening
1. Own ship submerging-flat filter; 2. Destroyers-500 yds., 5 knots-flat filter; 3. Croakers-flat filter; 4. Porpoise-flat filter; 5. Mark 23 torpedo run-500 cycle filter; 6. Squeaky propellor shaft-500 cycle filter; 7. Slamming hatches on submarine-500 cycle filter; 8. Squeaking bow planes-500 cycle filter; 9. Cruiser-19000 yds., 15 knots-6000 cycle filter
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NAVPERS 11720B: Introduction to JP Sonic Listening Gear
1. Firing of Mark 23 torpedo-500 cycle filter; 2. Tanker-800 yds., 10 knots-flat filter; 3. Tanker-25000 yds., 10 knots-flat filter; 4. Tanker-2500 yds., 10 knots-500 cycle filter; 5. Tanker-25000 yds., 10 knots-3000 cycle filter; 6. Destroyer-2500 yds., 10 knots-3000 cycle filter; 7. Destroyer-2500 yds., 10 knots-3000 cycle filter; 8. Destroyer-5300 yds., 10 knots-6000 cycle filter with prop count detector ON
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NAVPERS 11721RA: Use of Filters and Drop Count Detector
1. Destroyer 2000 yds., 22 knots-flat, 500, 3000, and 6000 cycle filters; 2. Repeat of first example; 3. IC motor-generator on own submarine-flat filter; 4. Ventilating fan on own submarine-flat filter; 5. Destroyer-1000 yds., 22 knots-500 and 6000 cycle filters, prop count detector ON; 6. Repeat of fifth example.
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NAVPERS 11721RB: Operation of JP Gear-Search
1. Destroyer-2000 yds., 10 knots-various filter position; 2. Own ship’s propellers-500 cycle filter
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NAVPERS 11722RA: Surface Ship Sounds
1. Destroyer-2000 yds.,10 knots-500 cycle filter; 2. PT boat-2000 yds.,30 knots-500 cycle filter; 3. Tanker-500 yds.,10 knots-500 cycle filter; 4. Freighter-6000 yds.,10 knots-500 cycle filter; 5. 100-foot patrol boat-6000 yds.,12 knots-500 cycle filter; 6. Cruiser-overhead, 5 knots-500 cycle filter; 7. Cruiser-15,000 yds., 15 knots-6000 cycle filter; 8. Seaplane Tender-1000 yds., 10 knots-500 cycle filter
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NAVPERS 11722RB: Operation of JP Gear-Attack
1. Tanker closing range starting at 12,000 yds., 10 knots-500 and 6000 cycle filters; 2. Torpedo firing and travel-500 cycle filter
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NAVPERS 11723RA: Operation of JP Gear-Evasion
1. Destroyers-500 yds., 20 knots-3000 cycle filter; 2. Depth charge explosions-300 yds.-500 cycle filter; 3. Motor-Generator set-flat filter; 4. Bow plane motors-flat filter; 5. Trim pumps-flat filter; 6. General noise of own ship-flat filter; 7. Destroyer-1000 yds., 20 knots-3000 cycle filter
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NAVPERS 11723B: Operation of JP gear-Summary
1. Waves slapping hull of surface ship-bass boost filter; 2. Cruiser-overhead, 5 knots-500 cycle filter; 3. Firing of Mark 23 torpedo-500 cycle filter; 4. High pressure pump on own submarine-500 filter; 5. Deck guns on destroyer-overhead-500 cycle filter; 6. Destroyer echo-ranging-500 cycle filter; 7. Surfacing alarm on own submarine-500 cycle filter
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NAVPERS 11729RA: Recognition Drill
1. Destroyer (USS SEMMES); 2. Cruiser (USS RENO); 3. Battleship (USS SOUTH DAKOTA); 4. Tanker; 5. Passenger freighter (20,000 tons); 6. Destroyer and tanker
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NAVPERS 11729RB: Recognition Drill
1. Ferry boat-reciprocating engines; 2. PT boat-high speed gears; 3. Submerged submarine-electric driving machinery; 4. Surfaced submarine-Diesel engines; 5. Submarine charging batteries-Diesel engines and generators; 6. American Mark 14 torpedo-turbine motors; 7. German air torpedo-turbine motors; 8. American Mark 14 torpedo and PT boat together.
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NAVPERS 11730RA: Recognition Drill
1. Bow plane motors; 2. Trim pumps and bleeding down ballast tank; 3. Motor-generator set; 4. Pounding on hull of submarine; 5. Torpedo Data Computer; 6. Blowing tanks; 7. Depth charges-range 300 yds.; 8. Depth charges-range 4000 yds.; 9. Airplane machine gun bullets striking water
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NAVPERS 11730RB: Recognition Drill
1. Waves slapping on hull of surface ship; 2. Fathometer of surface ship; 3. Acoustic minesweeper; 4. Foxer; 5. Snapping shrimp; 6. Porpoise; 7. Croakers; 8. Drumfish; 9. Garibaldi; 10. Surf noise,11. Bell buoy
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