USS Pampanito Operating Equipment:
These recordings of equipment operating were recorded on WW II submarine USS Pampanito in 1995. Pampanito is now a museum in San Francisco. These sounds are Copyright (C) San Francisco Maritime National Park Association and may be used only for non-commercial purposes. Please contact Pampanito directly for any other use.

It is interesting to compare these through the air in the boat recordings to the sonobuoy “sounds other than propulsion” recordings taken through the water above.

Dive alarm. Klaxon sounds twice to dive, three times to surface. Icon for MP3
Collision Alarm Icon for MP3
General Quarters Alarm (Battle Stations) Icon for MP3
ECM Mark II. U.S.A. WW II Electronic Cipher Machine. You first hear the wheels reset (zeroized), then switched to encrypt, then typing. Icon for MP3
Torpedo Data Computer. First the position keeper is turned on, then the whirling noise after the angle solver is turned on. Icon for MP3
GISR, Torpedo gyro setter in forward torpedo room. Note how at first it moves loudly and quickly, then after it locks with the TDC there are only small corrections. Icon for MP3
Growler. Sound powered phone hand cranked call system. Icon for MP3
Main Induction. First opening, then closing of the very large valve that supplies air to the boat on the surface. Icon for MP3
Lube Oil Transfer Pump Icon for MP3
Ventilation Blower. Note the two step start of the DC motor controller. Icon for MP3
Main engine start. First the fuel oil pump and ventilation blowers are started. The the Fairbanks-Morse engine is turned over with compressed air until it starts. The governor cycles 3 times before catching and properly controlling the speed of the engine. Icon for MP3
Raising, then lowering of a periscope. Icon for MP3
SJ Radar Training Motor Icon for MP3
Torpedo Tube Door. Closing of the outer torpedo tube door, recorded in the forward torpedo room. Icon for MP3
Waterbury pump for bow planes in forward torpedo room. Icon for MP3
Sounds in a torpedo tube while at the pier. Icon for MP3
High Pressure Air Compressor. Hardie-Tynes air compressor. After startup note the change in sound as each of three stages is brought online. Icon for MP3
Drain Pump. Note the hand crank DC motor controller. Icon for MP3
Trim Pump Icon for MP3
Vacuum Priming Pump Icon for MP3
Hydraulic Pump (IMO) Icon for MP3