Sonar Training Record Series D16:
These are declassified training recordings of USN submarines on an early radio sonobuoy system. These were provided by NUWC Newport.

Introduction, small submarine propulsion with little background noise.Icon for MP3
Approaching and leaving small submarine with little background noise.Icon for MP3
Larger submarine.Icon for MP3
Circling submarine with both motor and propeller sounds. Explosions in the background.Icon for MP3
Small submarine above with some background noise.Icon for MP3
Small submarine with some background noise and surface naval vessel.Icon for MP3
Large submarine with some background freighter noise.Icon for MP3
Old type submarine with realistic noise from the sonobouy gear on a quiet day.Icon for MP3
Large submarine with more sonobouy noise.Icon for MP3
Samples from the sonobouy with overloading when close, and of submarine moving towards and away from hydrophone.Icon for MP3
Submarine moving towards hydrophone.Icon for MP3
Practice sounds.Icon for MP3
More practice determining if the submarine is moving towards or away from the sonobouy.Icon for MP3
Sounds *other than* the propulsion.Icon for MP3
More sounds *other than* propulsion created aboard USS Blackfish, and other non-submarine sounds.Icon for MP3
Practice sounds. Note that the prefix to the first sound at the very beginning is missing.Icon for MP3
Practice sounds continued.Icon for MP3