Sound in the Sea

Sound In the Sea:
These declassified sounds from the USN were collected together by sonar development company in the 1960s.

Introduction with Baleen WhalesIcon for MP3
Baleen Whale – Humpback WhaleIcon for MP3
Baleen Whale – Grey WhaleIcon for MP3
Toothed Whales – Bottlenose Dolphin with echo locationIcon for MP3
Toothed Whales – Sperm WhaleIcon for MP3
Toothed Whales – Killer WhaleIcon for MP3
Toothed Whales – White WhaleIcon for MP3
Toothed Whales – Pilot WhaleIcon for MP3
Fish – Drum FishIcon for MP3
Fish – Snapping ShrimpIcon for MP3
Fish – CroakerIcon for MP3
Fish – GarabaldiIcon for MP3
Unidentified sounds – BoingIcon for MP3
Unidentified sounds – CarpenterIcon for MP3
Unidentified sounds – Woof-WoofIcon for MP3
Unidentified sounds – Echo FishIcon for MP3
Physical – Rain SquallIcon for MP3
Physical – Light RainIcon for MP3
Physical – Ice FlowIcon for MP3
Physical – Disturbance (earthquake)Icon for MP3
Ships – Submarine DivingIcon for MP3
Ships – Cargo ShipIcon for MP3
Ships – Harbor Tug with TowIcon for MP3
Ships – Snorkeling SubmarineIcon for MP3
Communications – Sea Lab II Divers with Helium VoicesIcon for MP3
Communications – Cousteau’s Diving Saucer SourcoupeIcon for MP3
Communications – Navy Underwater Telephone (UQC)Icon for MP3
Communications – SOFAR BombIcon for MP3
Communications – Underwater Explosions used for MappingIcon for MP3
Sonar – Active Ping Sonar SequenceIcon for MP3
Sonar – Sonar Doppler SequenceIcon for MP3
Sonar – Surface Echo Ranging as Received by the Submerged SubmarineIcon for MP3
Torpedo – Recorded during a live torpedo launchIcon for MP3