Tools, Shop and Repair

NOTE THAT THESE MAY BE OUT OF DATE. Always check your machine manuals and look for more current and possibly safer references.

Basic Machines, 1994basicmachines.pdf (8.2 MB)
Blueprint Reading and Sketching, 1994blueprint.pdf (5.5 MB)
Equipment Operator, 1994equipmentoperator.pdf (23.1 MB)
Fluid Power, 1990fluidpower.pdf (4.2 MB)
Heat Treatment of Steel, 1966heat-treatment-steel.pdf (4.5 MB)
Machinery Repairman, 1993machinery-repairman.pdf (15 MB)
Steelworker Vol. 1, 1996steelworker1.pdf (9.9 MB)
Steelworker Vol. 2, 1996steelworker2.pdf (10 MB)
Tools and Their Uses, 1992tools.pdf (18.3 MB)
A great series from the US Army
Machinist, TC 9-524, 1996machinist.pdf (6.5 MB)
Machine Shop Calcluation, OD1640, Edition 7machineshopmath.pdf (2 MB)
Precision Measuring and Gaging, OD1642, Edition 8precision-measuring.pdf (2.2 MB)
Metal Properties, OD1643, Edition 7metal-properties.pdf (1 MB)
Milling Machine Operations, OD1644, Edition 8milling-machine.pdf (2 MB)
Lathe Operations, OD1645, Edition 8lathe.pdf (2.8 MB)
Bandsaw Operations, OD1646, Edition 8bandsaw.pdf (2.3 MB)
Welding Theory, OD1650, Edition 8welding-theory.pdf (1.2 MB)
Welding Operations I, OD1651, Edition 8welding-1.pdf (3.3 MB)
Metal Body Repair, OD1653, Edition 7metal-body-repair.pdf (2.1 MB)
Welding Operations II, OD1654, Edition 8welding-2.pdf (2.2 MB)