WW II Destroyer

Standard Organization Book for 2100-Ton Destroyers, 1943. This describes the organization of the personnel and standard procedures on a WW II destroyer. Among the many tables there are details that provide insight in to the life aboard and operation of a destroyer.Destroyer Steam Propulsion Manual, 1946. This describes the main propulsion plant of DD445 and DD692 Classes.

Operating Instructions for Five Inch, 38 Caliber, Gun Crews, 1943. This describes the operation of one of the most common manual gun mounts of WW II.

5-Inch Twin Gun Mount Mark 28, 32 and 38, OP 805, 1944, is a detailed manual describing this very successful naval gun from WW II.

Torpedo Fire Control Equipment (Destroyer Type), 1947. This manual describes the peak of WW II US destroyer torpedo fire control technology.

21-Inch Above Water Torpedo Tubes Mark 14 And Mods And Mark 15 And Mods, OP 764, 1955. Describes the destroyer, deck mounted torpedo tube of WW II.

Depth Charge Projector Mark 1, OP 63, 1918, covers the “Y” gun depth charge projector.

Depth Charge Projector Mark 6, Mod 1 and Mod 2, OP 831, 1944, covers the “K” gun depth charge projector.

Depth Charge Release Tracks and Associated Equipment, OP 904, 1952, covers the U.S.N. depth charge used on WW II and early Cold War destroyers.

Submarine Recognition Manual, ca. late 1950s. subrec.pdf (3.4 MB PDF).