Know Your PT Boat, 1945. This is an introduction to PT Boats for crews’ in training.Motor Torpedo Boats, Tactical Orders and Doctrine, 1942. This provides insight into how PT Boats where used.

Detail Specifications For Building Motor Torpedo Boats, 1944. This provides the builders specifications for PT 565-624. Numerous details about PT Boats appear in the manual that provide insight to both the technology and the life aboard PT Boats.

0.50-Inch Machine Gun Mounts, Mark 17 Mods. 1 and 2, 1943, covers the manually operated 50 cal turret.

The Dewandre-Elco Power-Operated Machine Gun Turret, covers the PT boat power operated 50 cal turret.

Torpedo Angle Solvers Mark 7 and Mods., Description and Instructions for Use, O.D. 4656, 1943. Describes the circular slide rule used to calculate torpedo gyro angle.