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Electricity, Communications, Sonar and Radar

Unit Course in Marine Electricity, 1942. Museum ships stabilizing or restoring their electrical systems will appreciate many parts of the manual. Items such as the proper ways of working with armored cable, lacing, etc. are included.Electronic Installation Practices Manual, Chapter 9, Cabling,... read more

WW II Merchant Marine

United States Maritime Service Training Manual, Engineering Branch Training, 1944, was created during the peak of US emergency growth in the merchant marine. United States Maritime Service Training Manual, Deck Branch Training, 1943. United States Maritime Service Training Manual, Prelim... read more


Know Your PT Boat, 1945. This is an introduction to PT Boats for crews' in training.Motor Torpedo Boats, Tactical Orders and Doctrine, 1942. This provides insight into how PT Boats where used. Detail Specifications For Building Motor Torpedo Boats, 1944. This provides the builders specifica... read more

Torpedoes & Depth Charges

A Brief History of U.S. Navy Torpedo Development, by E.W. Jolie, OP 353W or TD5436, 1978. This provides basic information on most US Navy torpedoes up to 1978 (Submarine, Surface and Air).Torpedoes Mark 14 and 23 Types, OP 635, 1945, is the basic service manual for the principle U.S.N. steam t... read more

Ordnance, Gunnery and Fire Control

Fire Control Fundamentals, NAVPERS 91900, 1953, is an introduction to mechanical computing gun fire control. The basic fire control principles of gun against a surface target are then applied to the control of Anti-aircraft guns, Antisubmarine Weapons, Torpedoes, Rockets and Guided Missiles.Pr... read more

WW II Destroyer

Standard Organization Book for 2100-Ton Destroyers, 1943. This describes the organization of the personnel and standard procedures on a WW II destroyer. Among the many tables there are details that provide insight in to the life aboard and operation of a destroyer.Destroyer Steam Propulsion Ma... read more


At the end of each war patrol of WW II, submarine commanders created a report on the patrol. These reports were used as the raw material to inform intelligence, improve tactics, evaluate commanders, etc. During WW II, over 1,550 patrol reports containing approximately 63,000 pages were generated. Du... read more

Submarine, and Torpedo Fire Control

Submarine Torpedo Fire Control Manual, 1950. This describes how to plan a submarine's approach and attack using the fire control systems on Fleet and Guppy submarines with straight running torpedoes.Canadian Forces "O" Class Training Notebooks, 1968 include over 700 pages on all aspects of the... read more

Fleet Type Submarine Series

The WW II Fleet Type Submarine Series: The Fleet Type Submarine, 1946 NavPers 16160 Submarine Main Propulsion Diesels, 1946 NavPers 16161 Submarine Electrical Installations, 1946 NavPers 16162 Submarine Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Systems, 1945 NavPers 16163 S... read more

Finding US Navy Records at NARA

Folks, When looking at US Navy records, they are normally sorted by the Navy Filing Manual. Although the manual evolved over time, a typical filing manual (1941) that covers the immediate pre-WW II, WW II and postwar is available online on this web site, Navy File Manual (fast loading) (or single... read more