Tom Hanks Stars in Historical Drama Greyhound

Tom Hanks takes on Nazi U-boats in his new World War II drama Greyhound. (Photo from SONY)

Tom Hanks is back in a charismatic World War II role as Navy Capt. Ernest Krause in the film Greyhound. The movie, based on C.S. Forester’s 1955 novel The Good Shepherd, takes place in the early days of the war. Krause is entrusted with his first command of a U.S. Navy destroyer (codename: Greyhound) protecting an Allied convoy of 37 ships as it crosses the Atlantic. During their voyage, the Allies find themselves fending off packs of Nazi submarines. Krause, vows to “bring hell down from on high” on the attackers. Of note, Hanks— who also starred in Saving Private Ryan—wrote the script for the action-packed drama, and Aar- on Schneider directed. Stephen Graham, Elisabeth Shue, and Rob Morgan co-star.

This film is important to HNSA because the exterior filming and several interior shots were done aboard USS Kidd. The film crew took over the ship for several weeks to film.

According to Deadline, the film will premiere on Apple TV+. They have not set a date to release yet, but the “expectation is it will be soon.”

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Saw the movie. Well done. Need more of these.


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