World Of Warships Hosting Charity Concert For Museum Ship USS Lexington

The pandemic’s been hard on a lot of us, whether we’re students, professionals, parents, or floating museums. In that last category, we have the USS Lexington, a storied American aircraft carrier that saw significant action in World War II and was later converted into a museum, stationed in Corpus Christi Harbor. It’s been having some trouble staying afloat (figuratively) the past few months, and Wargaming — which has participated in several events related to military history — is doing what it can to help out.

Starting on Aug. 29 you can tune into the World of Warships Twitch channel to hear from the Warships team, followed up by a live concert from Brian Black and his band at 5:00. If you can actually make it to the Lexington yourself — and take proper precautions if you do — you can even play a little World of Warships on the kiosks inside the hanger bay.

Watch the Twitch Channel HERE.

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